Zack O’Farrill – Drum (2 Juillet / July 2nd)



Zack O’Farrill is a young multiracial, multicultural, multimusical drummer (percussionist) and composer from Brooklyn, NY.  He grew up surrounded by jazz, Afro-Latin, and classical music, but his parents in their leisure time would listen to Steely Dan, Indian classical music, Prince, Stevie Wonder, sing along to all the classic funk and Motown bands, and a fair share of classic rock (they can still sing along to every Beatles song together).  On his own, Zack has explored the worlds of hip-hop, electronic music, ethnic music from around the world, 20th century classical music, singer-songwriters, and many other sounds.  All of this has work its way into his music with which he is constantly trying to break down walls.  Zack has played in venues around the world with many artists.  He continues to make music with his father Arturo O’Farrill, his brother Adam O’Farrill, with whom he leads the O’Farrill Brothers Band which now has two records (Giant Peach, Sensing Flight) on the Zoho label, and even his mom Alison Deane on occasion!  He is also proud co-leader of the collaborative Marques Stinson O’Farrill Trio which recently released their debut record, “Pa’lante” on Quadrant Records.


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