Deyo Rafailovich – Guitar (5 Décembre / December 5th)



Guitarist/composer Deyo Rafailovich hails from Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina. He gained his first musical experiences during his refugee years in Croatia, by touring with the local wedding/funeral orchestra as a trombone player, but soon realized it was the guitar that really captured his imagination. In Canada he continued to pursue music, eventually joining Montreal based Eastern-European gypsy band Les Gitans de Sarajevo, with whom he was featured on their Juno Award nominated album En Voyage. Deyo holds a degree in Jazz Performance from Marcel A. Desautels Faculty of Music at the University of Manitoba, under the direction of New York bassist Steve Kirby. His self-produced 2011 debut trio record Balkan Folk Tales, featuring Curtis Nowosad on drums and Julian Bradford on bass, displays his cunning compositional skills and a unique and mature instrumental voice, heavily influenced by the traditional folk sounds of his native Balkans, albeit in an acoustic jazz trio format. Some of the music found on this album is also featured in an upcoming biographical documentary about Bosnian-Canadian actor and photographer Nihad Ademi.

Deyo’s Balkan heritage and various influences he absorbed while constantly on the move are evident in his unique and eclectic guitar and compositional style. He is fluent in variety of musical genres and chooses both nylon acoustic and hollow body electric guitar as his voice. He now resides in Ottawa, where he remains active on the local jazz  scene.



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