Martin Seiler – Tenor Sax (2 Juillet / July 2nd) – NYC



Jazz saxophonist Martin Seiler, born in 1985, is currently living and working in new york city. The  german rooted musician started his experiences with music at an  early age. classical piano lessons from first grade on are a continuous activity kept up until the present day, and as a performer and recording artist, martin seiler plays the saxophone (tenor, soprano, alto & baritone), flute, clarinet, piccolo flute, bass clarinet, akai ewi, piano, shalm, bombard and wooden flute. His current ensembles, the „asymmetry quartet“ and the „martin seiler new york quartet“ utilize a repertoire almost exclusively put together with martin’s original compositions and arrangements. Martin seiler has also composed and arranged for jazz big band, several jazz ensembles from duo to octet, string quartet, solo piano, solo saxophone and vocal ensemble. When he is not working on his own projects martin seiler works as a sideman in a variety of gernes and styles. Inter alia he has recorded with schein, the asymmetry quartet, matthias schriefl, the landesjugendjazzorchester bayern, ennuible, s.l.a.p., tonsport, philipp scholz and the hcg big band. Live performances and other works include harald rüschenbaum, claudio roditi, gregor bürger, don menza, michael rood, adam gardner, lucas dedmon, matthias schriefl, mike pratt, sarah elizabeth charles, jane ira bloom and steve letreu.


In 2007 martin seiler received the „young artists award“ for his work as saxophonist, composer and bandleader and in 2013, a Downbeat Magazine award for a recording with gadi stern and alejandro yllarramendi.

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