Jazz Composers Series

(from July 1st to July 6th 2013, in partnership with the Montreal International Jazz Festival)

’’This is an interesting new original idea during the Montreal International Jazz Festival’’

Every night, bands will be constructed of young professionals composers based mostly in Montreal and New York. Put together for their style similarities by the Montreal trumpet player Rachel Therrien, the invited musicians will have to put together their own original music for a ‘’Once in a life time’’ show with a one day rehearsal only. Most of those associations will be formed for the first time with musicians from different based cities. Every night the series will invite two out of town musicians and put them together in an ensemble with young Montreal jazz players. This will hopefully starts new friendships and music associations. We are certain that over the years we will make history with unforgettable stories of the new rising jazz composers and performers within the Montreal jazz festival.

The concept of putting new rising jazz stars from different cities together for the first time to perform everyones original compositions, within a one day rehearsal preparation.

This idea of that new form of ‘’Jam Session’’ was inspired to Rachel Therrien after she attended the Banff Canter Jazz and Creative Music workshop 2012. 






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